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The Story

It was written in the sands of time that all that have and harness the power of The Gate will Hold wisdom and power for eternity.


So it was written in the ancient texts buried deep in the chambers of the Gate  In June 1943 Rommels army while engaging the British Army in Egypt discovered a undiscovered Tomb.. Hitler was notified and he immediately sent his top archaeologists to the region to resume re-excavating the Tomb and surrounding area. 2 months of digging passed and on the 15th August 1943 the archaeologists fell threw a vault door that had lay hidden for over 3000 years.. After another few days of excavating they broke into another chamber where a 3000 year old Time Gate stood. On the 26th August 1943 Adolf Hitler himself flew to the site himself direct from Berlin and immediately doubled the personal working on the project.


Nearly 60 long years passed by and in May 2002 a team of American Archaeologists working in Egypt again found this Chamber that had been re-sealed by the Germans The Gate was transported to an American Air force Base in Nevada in the United States so tests could resume on unlocking its secrets Meanwhile in a separate dig 130 miles south of The Gate a Second American Archaeological team had made another discovery and found 2  golden skulls, which from what the Germans said in there transcripts were needed to activate the Gate.. On November 18th 2002 President Bush himself was there to witness the first squad of 101st airborne rangers entering the gate.. They were never seen again.

The Mystery and the Power of the Gate remained locked.. For now..