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The Gate
Have Your Say


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Have Your Say


(30/6/02) - (Doug Giles) - "More Story than other modifications would be nice"

(30/6/02) - (Omega) - "What a shit website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(30/6/02) - (Krischi) - "Nice site Craig:)"


(16/07/02) - (Silentshock) - "me and some of my friends would want to play this game when will i be able to download it email me"

(16/07/02) - (Jon Thompson) - "Man......add more hot babes to it"


Please Tell us your views and your thoughts on what you want to see in The Gate and is currently lacking from Halflife Mods. Your ideas and Thoughts will be Displayed on this screen and may if they are good enough be considered for inclusion in The Gate.......

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